Monday, October 3, 2011

The American People Are Damned

For decades, the US government has been selling out its citizens in pursuit of money and power. Due to their actions at home and abroad, they have made the world a more dangerous place for Americans and betrayed the values America was founded on by allowing the rise of a police state. They have launched endless war in the name of “security,” yet this has racked up a huge price tag in blood and treasure. Their solution to the problem: massive austerity cuts. In doing these things, the government has condemned Americans a hellish nightmare of destitution and impoverishment.

The US government has been infected since the 1960s by the corporate elite. By aiding in the funding of campaigns, Congressional representatives were forced to kneel before corporate power and obey their wishes. However, there was somewhat of a balance due to the fact that politicians also had to partially depend on the public for funding and there were rules that guided how much a corporation could contribute. Yet, with the Citizens United ruling, corporations can now contribute as much as they want in the form of political action committees and then disappear. While politicians have been under the tutelage of corporations for decades, this signals a complete and total destruction of the illusion that the public has even the slightest bit of control over the government. The American people have been damned to have a government that obeys only its corporate overlords, rather than the people which they swore to serve.

After 9/11, in an effort to “protect” the country, a War on Terror was launched and two major wars are taking place which have US taxpayers over $1 trillion. These wars have not made Americans any safer and the threat of terrorism is so slight that the government has to create terrorist plots to justify its assault on our civil liberties. However, this War on Terror has only created a world where Americans are less safe and given rise to a “democratic police state” which has destroyed the freedoms of Americans. These freedoms have been trampled even further with the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, as now the President can now kill American citizens. We have been damned to live in a world which is less safe and live in a police state which masquerades as a democracy.

To pay for these wars of aggression abroad, US lawmakers now state that we must “enter an age of austerity” and that there must be “shared sacrifice.” However, how much “shared sacrifice” is there when the deficit reduction plan ultimately was made up of $1.5 trillion in spending cuts? How much “shared sacrifice” is multi-million and -billion corporations don’t pay a cent in taxes? Why are austerity measures taking place when one can easily tax several of the 400 people who own half the nation’s wealth? These people are looked to as “job creators,” yet all they do is outsource jobs to get higher profits. There has been no reinvestment in America and this has damned Americans, both present and future, to a life of pain and suffering.

The American people and their system of government have been corrupted by elites who want to use US military and economic might to further their own selfish goals, rather than to aid in the enrichment of the nation as a whole. The American people have been damned to a hell that is only beginning to show itself.

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