Monday, October 10, 2011

The American Autumn Is Here

Over the past month, a movement has begun that is having a profound effect on America and the world. In two weeks Occupy Wall Street has had a massive impact in terms of people all over the nation banding together to battle the one percent and shaking up the system. While there are many critics of the OWS movement and worries that the group may be co-opted, one thing is clear: ordinary Americans are finally fighting back.

One main argument that is being heard over and over again is that the protesters are not organized and that there are several different messages being sent out. While this may be true, the fact of the matter is that the movement actually growing more organized and have a calendar of organized events for each day. They even have a newspaper and their own security. As time progresses the movement is becoming more and more organized. In addition to this argument, some claim that the movement has no real demands. This is a completely false accusation as they have listed their grievances as well as a proposed list of demands. Even if they don’t have demands, the message is clear: They are sick of a system which caters to the wealthy and the elite at the expense of everyone else.The OWS movement has spread beyond New York, to places such as Vancouver and inspired new movements like Occupy The Fed.

There is some worries of the movement being co-opted, with certain people arguing that the movement has been co-opted from the start. Yet, while this doesn’t appear to be true, it is definitely scaring the hell out of the elite, with Homeland Security showing up at the protests. This is a great occurrence, as the elites realize that the system is under threat. To this end, the movement must maintain awareness and “must not submit to the 1%, in any capacity.” If the movement stays true and away from the system, then there is no doubt that they will transform America and with it the world.

Back in July, independent writer and researcher Andrew Gavin Marshall, seeing the occurrence of the Arab Spring, asked the question “Are we witnessing the start of a global revolution?” and while the Arab Spring has still not fully concluded, the rise of the people all over the world from the Middle East to Asia to Europe and North America, has led me to say yes. Yes, the world is currently undergoing a global revolution against the power structure that is based on fear, greed, and oppression. While it may have taken a while for the US to catch up, we are now protesting against a system that damns the many while uplifting the few. The American Autumn is here.

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