Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Imperial Ambitions In Libya

Recently there was a report which revealed that the pro-Western puppet government, Libya's National Transition Council, and the US and its allies had a plan that "charts the first months after the fall of the Gaddafi regime." The plan "draws on lessons from the disastrous regime change in Iraq in 2003 and the rebel takeover in eastern Libya in March" and includes a plan for 10-15 thousand United Arab Emirate troops to take control of Tripoli after Gaddafi is ousted. 

However, there are problems with the plan, as it is "highly reliant on the defection of parts of the Gaddafi security apparatus to the rebels after his overthrow." There are also problems with the rebels themselves, as they refuse to form a national army, due to the fact that many volunteer fighters "resent taking orders from people who they accuse of watching the war from an office in Benghazi while they toil amid the danger and discomfort of the desert" and "appear to be free to come and go as they please."

One must also take into account how the people of Libya feel. It is doubtful that they will welcome further intervention, seeing as how there are killings  of Libyan civilians and psychological attacks by NATO forces. Also, the militant Islamic movement in Libya needs to be accounted for, as "many old Libya hands in European diplomatic circles insist the radical Islamic element is in the evolving opposition," and the Libyan rebels have admitted that their soldiers have links to Al Qaeda. Thus, if the West succeeds in ousting Gaddafi, they may very well have to then deal with a major Islamist movement.

For all their planning, it looks like the West's imperial ambitions in Libya may very well fail.

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