Monday, July 23, 2012

Prison Project Update #4

The research has been going quite well over the past couple of weeks. While I still plan to be in the 1950s by mid-August, I have realized that a couple of things.

  • Due to the time length of the prison reform movement in the 19th century (about 1860 to 1920), it would be best if I were to split this time period up into three parts, rather than writing one long essay on it. Doing this would allow me to explore the occurrences and people involved in the reform movement more in-depth as well as the ideas and groups that were sprouting up at the time.

  • In doing some research into the 1960s, specifically with the War on Drugs and how it affected the prison system in the US, I realized that the drug war was in reality started long before, in the 1920s, and thus I plan on doing a series on the War on Drugs to discuss how that affected the prison system as well as the United States on a political, economic, and social level.

Thus, I have a lot of research to do and not much time to do it if I want to keep up with my scheduled time frame. Hopefully it will all go well. The first part of the prison reform movement should be posted soon.

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