Thursday, June 28, 2012

Prison Project Update #3

Currently, I am working on a concise history of the evolution of the prison system from the 1830s to the 1900s. This will take quite some time as the ideas and historical figures that  I am researching have rather scarce information on them, however, I will be periodically publishing articles on the topic as well as doing more updates on the Prison Project website. I know that I have not been giving as many updates as I should have, yet that will change this upcoming month. I will no longer let work or procrastination get in the way of my research, thus the project will be moving a long at a much faster pace. I am setting a goal to, by the end of July, be at researching prisons in at least the 1950s if not the '60s or '70s.

On a personal note, this project has forced me to evolve my research skills for the better which will only benefit in the future as the project gets closer and closer to present times, which will force me more and more to use online sources rather than books.

The goal has been set, now all that's left is to get to work.

Wish me luck!

- Devon DB

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