Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bitter Tears (Poem)

I hear the loud, overwhelming chants
Yes we can! Yes we can! Yes we can!
I look up on the stage to see a man
Whose vision and courage seem to challenge
The current status quo
He is different, he is new, he is energized
With ideas about how to make this country great again
For the first time in years, I leave my jaded self behind 
And allow myself to believe
To be lost in an illusion
My heart is brimming with hope for change
Change that brings us back to our roots
Brings us back to who we once were
To who we truly are
So filled with hope and joy that 
I run, nay sprint to the booth
To cast my vote
A vote for restoration
A vote for sanity
Near the House in the bitter cold
I see him come on the stage
His voice ringing out loud
He speaks of bringing change to the country
I am filled with hope
And yet I- I was wrong
I see nothing
No change, no restoration
Only more pain and destruction
The pain is too deep
Too much
Welling up inside me
The tears begin to flow
These bitter tears flow
Out onto my cheeks
I no longer smile
I can no longer hold my head up in pride
Like a candle, my hope has been blown out
I sit curled up tight in a ball
Not just for me
But for my country
All hope is gone

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