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A Revolutionary Book for a Revolutionary Era by Andrew Gavin Marshall

This article was originally posted on Andrewgavinmarshall.com on October 31, 2011.

In the nearly six weeks since beginning The People’s Book Project, there has been nearly 100 pages written on top of the already pre-existing 250 pages, a massive amount of research has been undertaken (and continues to be done), and a more concrete outline of the book has been formulated. The Facebook Page for The People’s Book Project has drawn nearly 250 supporters, and donations have been generous. However, with the aim of producing something concrete by the New Year, a massive amount of work needs to be done in a relatively short period of time. This requires extensive time and effort, and with that, donations.
This book takes a highly critical and thoroughly researched examination of the ideas, institutions, and individuals of power in our modern world, and subsequently, the ideas, institutions, and individuals which can challenge those powers. Tracing the concept of the ‘institutionalization of ideas’ from the origins of the modern world in the development of the nation-state, expansion of empire, emergence of Capitalism, and conceptualization of racism, the book follows the evolution of the ideas and institutions of power to the present day, including: the emergence of the central banking system, the rise of new dynasties of banking families (such as Rothschild, Morgan, Rockefeller), the growth of Industrial Capitalism, the emergence of radical and revolutionary ideologies which sought to challenge entrenched power structure s, revolutions, resistance, rebellion, uprisings, imperial expansion and global dominance by the advanced industrial nations of the Western world, the construction of a concept of social control, the origins of mass education, the modern university system as an agent of social control, the social sciences as a means of social engineering, the emergence and influence of the major philanthropic foundations – like Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Ford – (which is a central feature of the entire book), the development of philosophical anarchism, Zionism, the making of the Modern Middle East and expansion of empire into Africa, the two World Wars, the Progressive Movement and the development of modern forms of propaganda, public relations, advertising, and the birth of the consumer society; the ‘making of the American Empire’, the Council on Foreign Relations, the foundations, the Bank for International Settlements, the National Security State, the IMF, World Bank, UN, CIA and Pent agon, the Bilderberg Group, Trilateral Commission, European integration (and regional unions), origins of neoliberalism, the welfare state as a system of social control, poverty and inequality, the Great Depression, social services, development of ghettos and slums, shaping education for the oppressed, debt, democracy and cultural imperialism, proliferation of NGOs, globalization, the end of the Cold War and origins of the New World Order, global governance, anti-globalization and world government, the global economic crisis and a new great depression, the American imperial expansion around the world (war, covert operations, oppression, devastation), imperial strategems, Israel, the War on Terror, and much much more!
This book seeks to present a more comprehensive examination of the world system we live in by asking and answering some very important questions: What is the nature of our society? How did we get here? When did this begin? Who brought us here? Where are we going? Why? …. and what can we do to change it?
The aim of the book is to compile a more expansive understanding of the world system we live in within one or two volumes, to make it accessible, readable, and understandable by a wide readership around the world, to help in promoting an understanding of the true nature of our system and the power structures within it, and to inform action of those who seek to change the world for the better. It is highly critical of both the ideas and institutions of domination and those which seek to challenge it. With several hundred pages written and several thousand citations thus far included, this is a heavily researched project, grounded in methods of research that would be acceptable in an academic environment, but seeking to make the content understandable to those who need it: the people. The aim of this approach is to base the re search in accepted and respected sources (thus, removing the content of the book away from the realm of “conspiracy theory” and placing it in the realm of “fact-based historical interpretation”), and more importantly, to present the content in a form which can make it relevant and useful, for encouraging debate, discussion, understanding, the proliferation of new ideas, and urging people to discover new ways to challenge the old and move forward to the new.
For this week only (October 31 – November 6, 2011): for every $100.00 or more that is donated to The People’s Book Project, the donor will receive an entire sample chapter from the book!
So what chapter will the donors have exclusive access to?
The chapter deals with the specific concept of the “New World Order,” from the ending of the Cold War, and the roles played by Western NGOs, foundations, think tanks, and elites in “opening up” Eastern Europe to Western domination, to the political concept of a “new world order” as articulated by intellectual elites within the United States, the concept of “global governance” as a central feature of the “new world order,” the development of centers for the study of “global governance” at major universities throughout the West, and the development and content of the curriculum of “global governance” studies as a form of social engineering undertaken largely by the dominant American foundations, designed to produce elites and intellectuals for a new global system of “global governance,” the diff erences between “global governance” and “global government,” and the resurgence of the promotion for a “world government” to rule the world, and a brief historical examination of the intellectual movement in promoting the concept of “world government” in the first several decades of the 20th century, as well as the development of the anti-globalization movement, and its subsequent co-optation by the major American foundations as a means to incorporate the opposition to globalization into a direct component of the process and structure of “global governance.”
It is an important chapter in the book, covering the transition from the Cold War into the New World Order, examining the ideas, institutions and individuals who were and are central to this global transformation.
All financial information is made publicly available on the website for The People’s Book Project, in keeping with the project philosophy of promoting independence, accountability, democracy, and inclusion. I encourage people to make comments, suggestions and critiques and want people to be more included in the process of my writing this book. I write Project Updates to inform of my progress, ideas, research and developments, and list the time I spend on the project and how much I am compensated (via the donations) for that time.
I am a 24 year-old independent researcher and writer living in Montreal, Canada. This is my only source of income, as I seek to dedicate my time and efforts into making this book the best possible book I can possibly write, and can already say with absolute confidence that I have never put as much effort, time, or resources into anything I have ever done in my life thus far. Hence, my asking for donations in this Project is a means of dedicating myself entirely to this book, while still having the capacity to afford food and rent. Further, the method in which donations are raised from the public (via social media and the Internet) stands as an example as to how many proje cts and initiatives aimed at social innovation and new ideas can be undertaken and implemented without the interference or threat of co-optation that comes with all other sources of funding. Your donations keep this research and writing totally independent of any institutional or powerful influences. There is something to say for a book that seeks to challenge the global power structure with new ideas, if it is in fact created through a process which undermines the ability of those power structures to influence its development.
If you cannot support the project financially, there are several other ways. Please “like” the Facebook page and promote it to your friends and social groups, please spread the word and promote the website and introduce others to this new Project.
All of your support is greatly appreciated,
Thank you very much,
Andrew Gavin Marshall

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